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WE WISH A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR CAMPAIGNER FRIENDS IN CANADA, USA AND THE UNITED KINGDOM. 2022 marks the 100 anniversary of the founding of The Campaigners. We are determined to mark this milestone in a significant way. It is a step in our journey that takes us Back to the Future. We have no idea what future challenges the Campaigners will face, but the best centenary gift we can offer is to ensure that we are well placed to take on the challenges of the next 100 years. We are seeking to give everyone the chance to get involved and to relive the same vision and zeal that our founder, Colin Kerr would have had back in 1922. (Please see the history link on this web page for an overview of the vision Colin Kerr received.) Thank you for your prayers for The Campaigners as we go forward together with Christ in this new year 2022. Please pray that in this centenial year There may be a camp in the Forest of Dean, and that campers may find a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Campaigners is the tried and tested youth outreach for one hundred years in bringing children and youth to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour, and in teaching them to love and serve Him throughout their lives.

In 2022, we promote the continuity of the Campaigners age related ministry for your Church

Please click on the link below to join the Campaigners and have access to these programs that are built around relationships.

Before COVID Campaigners always included camps

Find out more from our promotional website: This bold vision and project needs your prayers. Please pray for the Campaigners as they put this plan into action

  • The people resources to come together and run camps
  • We give thanks for answered prayer in the appointment of two new Trustees to the Campaigner Board of Directors. We welcome Maureen Cottrell and Joy Howell. Maureen lives in Slough and has been a Campaigner for as long as she can remember. She brings a passion for the movement and is an enthusiastic Campaigner camper. Joy is from Halesowen and will add her teaching experience to the Trustee team. She will also add her passion for teaching the gospel to children to the team.
  • In addition to his work as Development Officer, Tim Greenhalgh has taken over Office duties. Please pray for Tim as he is wearing "Two Hats". UK is reviewing options as to how to maintain HQ support and contact that everyone relies on.

Our vision is that children and youth, anywhere, may join the Campaigners ON LINE

  • Eagles ages 4-6, Junos 6-10, Crosstrax 10-13 and Delta 14-18
  • The Delta Program includes working for the D of E - Duke of Edinburg Award.

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Please click on the Resources link on this website to find further information on programs for "Eagles", "Junos", "Crosstrax" and "Delta"

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An Exciting Opportunity for Anyone aged 13 and above

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Tim Greenhalgh - Campaigners Development Officer

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