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  • Tim Greenhalgh, the Campaigner Development Director writes: "We pray especially for the Ukraine people, caught up in a war that nobody can believe or underststand why this has come to their doorstep, and we pray for an early end to the conflict. As Campaigners, with a heart for children and young people, we pray especially for those young folk who will be scarred for life by their experiences of cruelty, loss and hurt. May they, and we too, looking on with a heartfelt concern, see and know Your Peace and Hope in the Ukraine and in our world. We pray that by trusting in You we would all discover and confess the beauty of Your peace."
  • 100 years of The Campaigners: A special event for everyone! We are planning something special for Saturday 1st October at St Paul's Church in Slough, starting at 11 am and ending at 4pm. For those of you travelling to England, keep this date in your Diary, and plan to attend this special Celebration of our past, present and a springboard into our future,
  • Bookings are still coming in for this year's camp on July 30th at Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre. At this time, we need more leaders and helpers to staff every aspect of the camp well. It would be great to see more Delta teenagers booking into the camp. We are prepared to tailor the program to accommodate the age group that will attend.
  • Tim has included the following list of the Centres and Leaders and Helpers names for each of our current Campaigner groups so that they can be prayed for by name.
  • Belhus Park Chapel: Sandra Mallett, Julian and Joanne Rogers, Jennifer Rawe, Allen Hobbs and Fiona Wallace.
  • St Nicholas, Sevenoaks: Albert and Elizabeth Wood, Rosemary Wood, Alexander Wood and Andrew Stanley
  • St Pauls, Slough: Maureen Cottrell, Mary Ward, Marco Kriek, Ross Hinder and Stephen Jacob
  • Hendon Baptist: Mike Gardner, Vincent James, Aristeo and Lanie Accorda, Lindsay Jacobs, Susan Waihumbu and Rebecca Bhavanasi
  • Emmanuel, Morden: David Ruddick, John Mosely, Pat Welbelove, Hilary Scott, Stuart Belcher and Anne Wigmore.
  • Christ Church, Summerfield: Sheila Armstrong, Laura Rutherford and Joy Constantine
  • Hasbury Fellowship, Halesowen: Doff Alexander, Joy Howell, Timothy Childe and Deborah Dean

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Tim Greenhalgh - Campaigners Development Officer

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